Way better than expected!

I have been very busy with lots of stuff not related to progression and performance on the bike lately. Organizing the Norwegian Championship and -Cup, organizing trials at the Extreme Sports Week, moving in to a new flat, lots of shows and driving to shows (like 12h each way kind of driving). On top of that, I hurt my knee pretty bad at the ESW, which resulted in me being unable to maintain my normal training regime for 1,5 week prior to the world cup this weekend. It’s safe to say that my expectations weren’t sky high.

But, I also thought that maybe a 1,5 week break from riding could give me a boost in recovery and some kind of a blank slate. Though it felt strange to warm up the day before my quarter finals in Les Menuires. I was lacking technical confidence and stability, and my knee was painful. But, really, how much skills can you loose in 1,5 week off the bike? Not much, I guess. I realized it’s mostly a mental kind of thing, and changed the whole situation to my advantage.

I started the quarter final in the worst possible way. First section, and I got one point of the first obstacle. Just silly, wrong choice of technique, and a very slippery concrete element. Then, when I jumped down the last obstacle of the first section, I messed up, maybe I slipped a bit, and landed almost two wheels at the same time from a around two meters high drop. Boom, and my handlebar snapped (non-Echo) straight off. Luckily I managed to save it with one dab, and could roll out the section with only two points. Then some super stressed 20 minutes were next up. Mads Lexander did a great job as a minder/filmer, and he ran down to our flat to find a replacement handlebar (that’s tough at 1900 meters). In the meantime I removed the broken bar, brake levers and grips. We did a good team job, and 22 minutes into the quarter finals, I was riding section number two.

With a 70 minutes race, lossing 20 minutes in one section is dramatic. Also, the race was held at those already mentioned 1900 meters altitude, so you need a bit of a break between the sections. Luckily we managed to stay cool, and with the exception of a dab in section two, I cleaned everything else for the rest of the race. With a total of three points, I was number three in my group, and directly qualified for the semi finals. Krakow redemption time on!

The knee hurt a lot after the race, and I went to the pharmacy to get anything that could enhance its condition. Ice, compression, pain killers and some natural medicine the pharmacist recommended. Placebo pills at best. Ready for semi finals.

1/4 finals:

Last year, the semi final sections often had a bit too big obstacles for me. Luckily my winter training has given me a lot of progression in this area, and only a few obstacles where on or just above my capacity. I started the semi final the best possible way, by zeroing the first three sections. In the end I got four fives, and two single dabs I could’ve been without (rolled off the pedal once). This gave me an total of 22 points, 10 points from the finals cut. A 14th place, which is my best race result ever.

After a messy trip home with a GPS fail (drove on a red flow through the entire Geneva downtown), delayed flight, missing bike bag and missing the last airport express train and thus missing the tram home, I woke up to the awesome fact that I’m now ranked 11th in the world, only five points form being top 10, which is a huge goal of mine. So motivated for the Euro champs and next world cups this month, better ride well to deserve this ranking.

Enjoy the videos from the race in Les Menuires, filmed by Mads on the Ricoh WG-M2, and edited by me.

1/2 finals:

Featured image by Marco Patrizi.

Awesome race photos

Check out these awesome race photos by the young talent Stian Vesterinen. Such a great weekend in Norheimsund, so happy to win both races, and not to forget the new participation record in a Norwegian trials race, both days.

eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-1 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-2 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-3 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-4 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-5 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-6 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-7 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-8 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-9 eirik-ulltang-norheimsund-2016-10


I love the west coast

Sometimes I wonder why I live in Oslo, because the west coast of Norway is so much better for riding, breathing and in general everything.

Me and Erik did some shows in Ørskog at Saturday, and spent the afternoon in Ålesund, where we went out to the sea for some natural riding. Such a legendary place. For all those trials riders here, you’ve probably seen this place in lots of TRA videos.

At Friday, before we drove north for shows, I picked up the best box of stuff ever. Among many cool things, which I will show you later, I got a Pentax K-50 with a Samyang 8mm fisheye. So psyched on this setup, finally time to step up my photo and video game. Me and Erik have been using the camera A LOT, of below you can see some of our better shots.

Trying to keep the spirit high with lots of hours in the Peugeot:

Beautiful drive to the shows:

Gapping by the sea:

Erik gapping:

Nice scenery in Romsdalen:

Driving home:



I’m back!

Sorry for being absent. Also sorry for starting this post about being sorry. I promised myself to never do it. So much stuff been going on lately, I just couldn’t find time. Haven’t got time to reply to emails, emptying my to do-lists and it’s been a lot of stress. Currently completing my BA degree in sports coaching, and this takes a lot of time. Fortunately I’m soon done, and then I’m never studying again. The biggest mistake I’ve ever done, studying sucks (for real/me)!

Got a new camera a few days ago, the Ricoh WG-M2 action cam. So fun to play around with, which resulted in three short clips. Check them out below! Also, make sure to follow me on Facebook and Instagram for daily updates.



The first two Norwegian cups are right around the corner. Tomorrow I’m starting in my 21st NC race, and I have a really good feeling. Normally I am a but anxious before a race, but the last days I have only been excited.

I have done some different preparations this time, far from optimal. Because I want to excel in the world cup, I prioritize weight lifting until middle of May. So instead of a mellow ride the day before the race, I did heavy squats. Let’s see how that turns out.


Bike preps in the sun!

Cover photo: Thomas R. Aasen